Left the UK and need to sell?


Got too many commitments to come back to the UK to sell your family home?

Or maybe you are grieving and have the sad task of selling the home of a dead relative or parent – but can’t stay in the UK long enough to prepare the property for sale.

Fed up with the hassle of your rental property in the UK and want to cash up and take the money for your new life?

We can help.

We deal with a lot of clients who no longer live in the UK – who need to sell homes in the UK.

You may not have seen the property for years, so have no idea what condition the property is in and what is required before it can be put on the market.

If you own property in the UK* and need to sell from abroad, get in touch with the team at Designed to Sell and we can visit your property for you. We will write a full Consultation Report – which will highlight areas of concern needing repair or decoration within the property, room by room. The Report will recommend steps to be taken to declutter, re-arrange furniture, painting etc. We will also suggest small furniture purchases with a link to the product, or recommend furniture items to rent.

We can talk to local builders and arrange quotes for works, once you have reviewed the Consultation Report and decide how to proceed. If there are works to be done on the property we will separate tasks out within the Report – so its easy for builders, electricians, plumbers to see exactly what needs to be done.

Once the work is done, we can go back to the property and declutter, re-arrange furniture, bring in small decorative items and/or large pieces of furniture. Whatever is required to make your property look fabulous and stand out on Rightmove – and sell within the quickest timeframe without a reduction on the price!

So you can get your property sold without stress – and from the comfort of your new home!

Get in touch to learn more – please contact us.

*We are based in Essex – near London – so mainly cover those areas. However we can travel throughout the UK for a small travel fee.

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