New: Xmas Decorations

Designed to Sell are happy to announce that we are now selling furniture, artwork, decorative items and other fabulous pieces for your home.

We are starting off with Xmas Decorations. Why not cheer yourself up – or your loved ones – and purchase some beautiful Xmas Decorations.

Put some Christmas Cheer in your homes early – and we can all look forward to better times in 2021!

  • Single Silver Fern
  • Mini Festive Berry Pick
  • Single Silver Fern
  • Large Frosted Mini Tree
  • The Noel Collection Burnished Jewel Swirl Small Bauble
  • Brass Stag Stocking Holder

Xmas pressie from Designed to Sell

If you send 5 photos to us – 1 from each wall and 1 from the doorway – and a rough floor plan of one room in your house – we will send you some advice on decluttering and moving furniture, painting and things to do to improve the space. If the room is vacant or sparsely furnished we can send you some furniture and decorative items ideas with links – for Free
Send to before December 14th
Happy Xmas

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