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After a 20-year career in Graphic Design in the City, Jackie studied Interior Design, and gained a Distinction in City and Guilds Level 3 Interior Design.  She completed the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) training to become one of their first Accredited Staging Professionals in Europe. She is also a member of the Home Staging Association (HSA)


Louise studied Interior Design and gained various qualifications in this field, and then went into teaching City and Guilds Interior Design, which she did for nearly 14 years. She has studied Feng Shui and found that she has a real passion for it, and wrote and created a Feng Shui in Interior Design course, which she also taught. 

Alongside her teaching, Louise studied with Ann Maurice ‘The House Doctor’ and learnt about home staging, which she then went on to teach at college.

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Ideas to diversify and grow your Homestaging business

Homestaging business

COVID-19 hit the UK in early 2020 and the economy came to a standstill. It started to recover slowly in the Summer, but we are now in another lockdown and about to go into a Tier system where a high percentage of the country will be severely restricted in Tier 3. Although the property market is allowed to function, some people are nervous to have people in their homes and we don’t know how the housing market will suffer in this fragile economy. In these incredibly difficult times, many business have suffered, and some will not survive. Homestaging businesses were clearly badly affected earlier on in the year, and learnt that we need to diversity our offerings to survive.

So what extra services could you offer, alongside your usual homestaging business and furniture rental services, to get some extra income? I’ve listed below some ideas below, which could work well with your Homestaging business, to get some extra cashflow into your business.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling can be offered as a service to people in your area, who are not planning to move. Interior Styling is the process of showcasing a customer’s unique style, while using their existing furniture and decorative items. By exploring new design ideas, and adding some key pieces, you can create interiors that are stylish, distinctive and reflect the customers personal style and taste.

Internet Shopping

You can offer your customers an internet shopping service, where you purchase furniture, decorative items etc on their behalf – either from wholesale suppliers or online retailers. This way they get your design expertise and style advice, and get the products directly delivered to their door. You can also offer an unpacking and installation service – if they are local. You can charge for this service, and also make a mark-up on the products – which you purchase at wholesale cost or get a discount from the online retailers.

Virtual Home Staging

Although you require some technical skills if you wish to do Virtual Home Staging yourself, as part of your homestaging business, you may be able to partner with an agency. The images look great online, and can be a fantastic selling tool. The main problem with this option is customer disappointment when they actually go to view the property – but it has proved very popular during the COVID-19 crisis.

Furniture Packs (HMO and SA)

Do you offer Furniture Packs to HMO and Serviced Accommodation owners in your homestaging business? This can be a great way to earn some additional income. You can partner with several UK wide Furniture Pack Suppliers – and they will pay a commission on each completed transaction – approximately 10% of the total cost (excluding VAT). This has the additional benefit of enabling you to offer a service outside of your local area, and earning income with very little effort on your part. You organise the quote, and send onto the client – and once the transaction has gone through you receive your commission.

Or you can design your own furniture packs, from furniture items and decorative pieces, soft furnishings etc available wholesale through your suppliers. If your clients are local you can add the installation service, but if further afield you can just offer to style and design the space, purchase the furniture and get all delivered to your clients address.


Some suppliers have now added dropshipping as a service – as their retail clients are struggling with shops having to be closed again. This means that they will now ship directly to the end client. So why not add furniture, artwork, soft furnishings and decorative items to an online shop on your website?

Reduce your bills

One way of reducing your outgoings is checking to see that you are paying the least you can for your electricity, gas and broadband – and offering this service to your clients, both personal and commercial.This can be a fantastic way to add an additional income stream to your business, and help your clients along the way! You earn £250+ for each customer you introduce. Click here for more details.

Mobile phone tariffs

Ensure that you are paying the cheapest possible tariff on your mobile phone. The best possible tariff at the moment is £20 per month for unlimited data, texts and calls – with up to 3 additional SIMs in your household at a cost of only £10 per month (also unlimited data, texts and calls). This could mean a huge saving for your family. Again you can also offer this to your clients, and earn a commission for each customer. Click here for more details.


Easy – the well known ‘Orange’ brand has now started doing Storage! They are different to other brands in that they collect, store, and return. Your customers won’t have to lift a finger, and it’s half the price!  They are looking for partners – and offer £100 for every customer referred to them. The customer also receives a discount – so its a win win. Click here for more details – and use DTS25 for a £25 discount.

Affiliate marketing

There are several affiliate marketing networks online. This enables you to promote some of the world’s best known home and interior design brands on your own website, and get a referral income every time someone clicks on the advert and then goes onto purchase. Take a look at:

Align with local businesses

Talk to local property photographers, handymen, removals firms, painters and solicitors. Get a power team together so you can all help clients organise whatever they need to get ready to put their house on the market, move or sell – and offer them a reduction on the costs if they use the recommended supplier. The power team can all help each other get referrals and business and agree on a reduced rate for recommended clients.

Align with local Homestagers and Interior Designers

Talk to other local Homestagers and Stylists to see if you can partner with them and maybe swap furniture when required, or share storage to reduce costs.

If you would like to know more about any of the ideas above, please contact me, and I can send you more details.


Email: info@designed-to-sell.co.uk
mb: 07726 270 850


Publications – 100 Top Tips

100 Top Tips to Stage your Home and See it Sell!

When you are putting your home on the market, it is important to show it off to its best potential – so viewers can visualise living in the space. Often when you are living in a property you don’t notice it’s flaws – the crack in the ceiling, the mouldy grout in the bathroom – but buyers will! Our publication shows you our 100 Top Tips to stage your home and see it sell!

Home staging is the process of improving the appeal of your home – making it look bigger and brighter and more inviting – in order to increase its sale price; but without a huge financial outlay. It can decrease the time your home remains on the market, while helping you achieve the best price.

Staging helps buyers visualise what your home has to offer, and what it would be like to live in such a beautiful home.

With the current market conditions it has never been more important to stage your home! Our new book

100 Top Tips to Stage your Home and See it Sell is now available as a hardback and an e-book

Purchase on Amazon and see your home sell fast!!

Homestaging cover



Do you want to create a more positive, balanced and harmonious home? Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging your furniture, artifacts and gardens to create balance, harmony and a positive energy flow within your home or business space.

It aims to unblock any negative flow within your home and balance the Chi, so that energy may flow freely. This promotes harmony, happiness and prosperity within your home and your life.

The tips in this book will show you how to simply and easily create harmony and a positive energy flow in your home or business space.

100 Top Feng Shui Tips  is now available as a hardback and an e-book

Purchase on Amazon

Feng Shui cover

Looking to sell your home?

Interior Styling

Are you looking to sell your home?

Designed to Sell is a homestaging company, operating in the Essex area. We help you to stage your property to sell your home quickly and achieve the best price!

When you are looking to sell your home, it is important to show the property off to its best potential. Home Staging helps buyers visualise what a house has to offer, and how it would be for them to live in such a beautiful home. It is the process of improving the appeal of a property – enhancing the space and making it brighter and more inviting – in order to increase the sale price and reduce the time a property remains on the market.

Designed to Sell can help you dress your furniture and decor to showcase it at its best. 90% of us can’t visualise a space other than how it is presented to us, which is why properties can achieve, on average, a 10% higher sale price when dressed. Dressing and styling will make the difference between eventually achieving an acceptable offer, and quickly achieving the highest price for your property. It may cost you nothing – a simple de-clutter and cleaning can sometimes be all you need. But there may be some financial investment – i.e. painting, minor repairs, furniture rental, storage costs and improving the garden and plants to give potential buyers an idea of how they will be able to utilise the space.

Designed to Sell can help your property stand out above the rest in their area – with some decluttering, cleaning, painting and Home Staging your properties can look amazing – and sell! Or if they are vacant, we can arrange furniture in the property, so buyers can relate to the space. We will stage the property and show it to its best advantage – show the space and lifestyle possible in the home, getting more viewings and general interest in the property.

So, if you are looking to sell your home quickly, and get the best price, drop us an email on the contact form or call us – and we can discuss how Designed to Sell can help you or your clients achieve this move and relax into their new homes. 

Services we offer:

We offer virtual consultations, home styling and interior styling services, as well as hands on staging. We can also provide Furniture Packs – for Serviced Accommodation and HMOs – delivered and installed anywhere within the UK.

We have recently introduced online furniture and home accessories sales – and we stock a small selection of elegant, on-trend furniture and interior accessories – which will make a wonderful addition to any home. UK delivery only.

We can show our clients – both commercial and residential – how to reduce their utility and other household or business bills. We now can offer the market-leading tariff – unlimited data, texts and calls – all for only £20 a month! We can also save businesses money on their business tariffs, water bills and merchant services.

Our storage partner – easyStorage – can help you save money on your storage costs, and take all the stress out of storage. They will collect, store, and return your items when need. You won’t have to lift a finger, and it’s half the price!

We also offer Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Services, and can help clients achieve balance and enhance the positive energy in their home to enrich their life.

Contact us for more details.

Email or call

Jackie: 07726 270 850

Louise: 07800 586 353