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Pandemic Life: Tips to Make Your Living Space Healthier

Living space

As the world enters its third winter with COVID-19, it’s time to make a few more changes to your London home. No matter the size, a couple of strategic improvements can make your living space healthier and keep you and your family happier during downtimes at the homestead.

A Fresh Coat of Paint to Brighten Things Up

If you haven’t already, paint your walls with colours that make you happy. A few home decorating experts agree white is the way to go, as it’s a clean colour that reflects light. Additionally, it clears visual clutter and can help you feel more relaxed, something that’s vital during the pandemic.

But don’t be afraid to go bold and add pops of colour. For example, reds, yellows, or oranges can add a festive touch. You may consider complementary colours such as blue and yellow to create high contrast, which will help your rooms feel bigger.

Replace Your Living Room Furniture

If you’re feeling a little cramped in your living room, it might be time to replace the old furniture with something new. Do you have a large family? Consider a sectional couch that can keep everyone comfortable on movie night. 

If you prefer something quieter, such as spending a chilly Friday night curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace, go for accent chairs instead. 

Prepare an Outdoor Escape for the Spring

Start planning a garden or other outside area where you can enjoy nature and relax in London’s summer sun. You might want to hire a landscaper to help you make the outdoor space even better. 

Customize your outside space to fit your lifestyle. Do you enjoy entertaining? If so, consider an outdoor kitchen with a grill and seating area, so you don’t have to leave your guests while preparing food. It can be complex planning this on your own, so choosing landscape design services that use 3D rendering software might make it easier to visualize the space and make a final decision.

Create the Perfect Indoor Reading Nook

You’re going to need some downtime. Fortunately, there are many ways to spend time inside your home. The key is thinking outside the box and not just watching movies or playing video games all day long. Instead, create a cosy reading nook where you can curl up with a new book.

Place comfortable chairs in the corner of your living room, preferably near windows, so you can read and also enjoy your view. Use decorative pillows to create a sense of cosiness, and add some throws if it gets chilly at night or on one of London’s notorious rainy days. 

Add a Fitness Area to Your Home

Lastly, don’t forget to add a place in the house where everyone can exercise. Some exercise equipment, such as elliptical machines and treadmills, can keep your family healthy during downtime, and they’re also stylish additions that fit into any home.

Make Your Home Cosier This Winter

You can improve your living space with changes from simple DIY options, such as painting your walls and replacing furniture, to adding a fitness area. For help, contact Designed to Sell Homestaging to create a happy home for you and your family.

Article kindly written by Sharon Wagner of

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Bespoke Furniture Packs for Landlords

Essence Furniture Pack - Edmonton Coffee Table and Matthew Sofa

Bespoke Furniture Packs for Landlords – are you looking to furnish your HMO or Serviced Accommodation? Do you require help deciding on which furniture to place into your property?

Bespoke Furniture Packs for Landlords: Designed to Sell offer a range of HMO and Serviced Accommodation Furniture Packs – bespoke packages which can be tailored to match your specific requirements. We have furniture to suit every budget, with no minimum spend. They can be delivered and installed into your property throughout the UK*. Contact us for a discussion and some Interior Styling advice. We are very happy to talk through any of your specific requirements.  

*range dependent

  • Furniture Pack
  • Furniture Packs
  • Harper Bespoke Furniture Packs
  • Toledo Furniture Range
  • Elemental
  • Grayson
  • Furniture Pack
  • Furniture Pack

Contact us for more details.

Email or call

Jackie: 07726 270 850

Louise: 07800 586 353

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Our recent homestaging project in Brentwood, Essex

Staging Project Essex

Brentwood, Essex

Its great to be able to showcase our latest homestaging project in Brentwood – a HMO that is now on sale as a 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom home.

The property was being let as an HMO so had a lot of large furniture which we had to remove and put in storage. We moved some bits about and put in a lot of decorative touches and added some pops of colour. We are hoping that this will get sold soon!

We are very happy to say that this property has now sold – within 2 weeks of it being staged!

If you would like to know more about our homestaging services, or would just like a chat to see how we can help you sell your property, please contact us.

  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
  • Staging Project Brentwood
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Contemporary furniture

Medium Apothecary Jar-c-d

Designed to Sell are happy to announce that we have recently introduced online sale of elegant, on-trend and contemporary furniture.

We stock a small selection of elegant, on-trend and contemporary furniture & interior accessories – which will make a wonderful addition to any home.

Check out our current offering here.

At the moment we have a small selection including beds, cabinets and seating – as well as some accessories. However we will be adding to our collection, so please ensure you check out our stock regularly.

The Soho collection takes mirrored furniture design to new heights of style and modernity. Built in black painted pine and a combination of clear and antique mirror, this collection’s striking geometric pattern gives it a real wow-factor, perfect for its intended role as a room’s stand-out piece.

The Grey Velvet Chesterfield Chair combines traditional style and modern features. With a luxurious velvet fabric being used, this piece adds decadence and style to any interior. Perfect for both lounging about in and appreciating as a seating feature, this is sure to be a much loved product.

The Emperor Grey Velvet King Size Bed has hardwearing metal slats to ensure its durability over time. We also have a range of lighting – which is essential to completing any room and brings you a versatile collection of table lamps and stunning decorative lighting.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please drop us an email with your specific requirements, and we will aim to source a fantastic piece for you.

UK delivery only.

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Ideas to diversify and grow your Homestaging business

Homestaging business

COVID-19 hit the UK in early 2020 and the economy came to a standstill. It started to recover slowly in the Summer, but we are now in another lockdown and about to go into a Tier system where a high percentage of the country will be severely restricted in Tier 3. Although the property market is allowed to function, some people are nervous to have people in their homes and we don’t know how the housing market will suffer in this fragile economy. In these incredibly difficult times, many business have suffered, and some will not survive. Homestaging businesses were clearly badly affected earlier on in the year, and learnt that we need to diversity our offerings to survive.

So what extra services could you offer, alongside your usual homestaging business and furniture rental services, to get some extra income? I’ve listed below some ideas below, which could work well with your Homestaging business, to get some extra cashflow into your business.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling can be offered as a service to people in your area, who are not planning to move. Interior Styling is the process of showcasing a customer’s unique style, while using their existing furniture and decorative items. By exploring new design ideas, and adding some key pieces, you can create interiors that are stylish, distinctive and reflect the customers personal style and taste.

Internet Shopping

You can offer your customers an internet shopping service, where you purchase furniture, decorative items etc on their behalf – either from wholesale suppliers or online retailers. This way they get your design expertise and style advice, and get the products directly delivered to their door. You can also offer an unpacking and installation service – if they are local. You can charge for this service, and also make a mark-up on the products – which you purchase at wholesale cost or get a discount from the online retailers.

Virtual Home Staging

Although you require some technical skills if you wish to do Virtual Home Staging yourself, as part of your homestaging business, you may be able to partner with an agency. The images look great online, and can be a fantastic selling tool. The main problem with this option is customer disappointment when they actually go to view the property – but it has proved very popular during the COVID-19 crisis.

Furniture Packs (HMO and SA)

Do you offer Furniture Packs to HMO and Serviced Accommodation owners in your homestaging business? This can be a great way to earn some additional income. You can partner with several UK wide Furniture Pack Suppliers – and they will pay a commission on each completed transaction – approximately 10% of the total cost (excluding VAT). This has the additional benefit of enabling you to offer a service outside of your local area, and earning income with very little effort on your part. You organise the quote, and send onto the client – and once the transaction has gone through you receive your commission.

Or you can design your own furniture packs, from furniture items and decorative pieces, soft furnishings etc available wholesale through your suppliers. If your clients are local you can add the installation service, but if further afield you can just offer to style and design the space, purchase the furniture and get all delivered to your clients address.


Some suppliers have now added dropshipping as a service – as their retail clients are struggling with shops having to be closed again. This means that they will now ship directly to the end client. So why not add furniture, artwork, soft furnishings and decorative items to an online shop on your website?

Reduce your bills

One way of reducing your outgoings is checking to see that you are paying the least you can for your electricity, gas and broadband – and offering this service to your clients, both personal and commercial.This can be a fantastic way to add an additional income stream to your business, and help your clients along the way! You earn £250+ for each customer you introduce. Click here for more details.

Mobile phone tariffs

Ensure that you are paying the cheapest possible tariff on your mobile phone. The best possible tariff at the moment is £20 per month for unlimited data, texts and calls – with up to 3 additional SIMs in your household at a cost of only £10 per month (also unlimited data, texts and calls). This could mean a huge saving for your family. Again you can also offer this to your clients, and earn a commission for each customer. Click here for more details.


Easy – the well known ‘Orange’ brand has now started doing Storage! They are different to other brands in that they collect, store, and return. Your customers won’t have to lift a finger, and it’s half the price!  They are looking for partners – and offer £100 for every customer referred to them. The customer also receives a discount – so its a win win. Click here for more details – and use DTS25 for a £25 discount.

Affiliate marketing

There are several affiliate marketing networks online. This enables you to promote some of the world’s best known home and interior design brands on your own website, and get a referral income every time someone clicks on the advert and then goes onto purchase. Take a look at:

Align with local businesses

Talk to local property photographers, handymen, removals firms, painters and solicitors. Get a power team together so you can all help clients organise whatever they need to get ready to put their house on the market, move or sell – and offer them a reduction on the costs if they use the recommended supplier. The power team can all help each other get referrals and business and agree on a reduced rate for recommended clients.

Align with local Homestagers and Interior Designers

Talk to other local Homestagers and Stylists to see if you can partner with them and maybe swap furniture when required, or share storage to reduce costs.

If you would like to know more about any of the ideas above, please contact me, and I can send you more details.


mb: 07726 270 850
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Styling and Design Services – virtual or in person

Add 10% to the value of your property

Styling and Design Services:

Our Styling and Design Services means we can help you style your home either virtually or in person, using styles to suit your current look or preference. All you need to do is send over some photos and a plan of the room, with some notes regarding your preferences.

Not planning to move, but just want to breathe some life into your home? Maybe being at home all throughout lockdown has made you fall out of love with your property?

Styling and Design Services:

Even if you are not planning to move and do not have a property for sale, we can style your home and provide Styling and Design advice to suit your current look or preference. All you need to do is send over some photos and a plan of the room, and any ideas you may have for the style of the rooms.

We will send you a Mood Board detailing all the new furniture choices and layout of the room. This includes wallcoverings, window dressings, lighting and flooring. Alongside this you will receive an excel file with web links to all items on the report so that you can easily purchase the items.

Please fill out the application form below and we will be able to quote. Prices are between £50-£95 per room – depending on assistance required. Please fill out form below so we can discuss the best options for your property. If you would also like our help sourcing and installing the items please let us know.

Styling and Design Services: