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Staging a property for sale or rent

Homestaging Services we offer

Homestaging is an investment and we understand that budgets and timescales are different for everyone. So we offer a range of homestaging services to suit every budget – for sale or rent.

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Staging a property for sale or rent

Home Staging Consultation Report

Are you a landlord with an ex-rental property for sale? Or maybe you are looking to sell a probate property, or refresh an HMO or Serviced Accommodation to make it more attractive to potential clients? Or is your own home just looking a little unloved and tired, and in need of an update? Staging a property can help you get the best possible sale or rental price by adding value easily and without the stress.

Our Home Staging Consultation Report can be done remotely with good quality pictures and a floorplan, or hands on where we visit your property. Photos can be deceptive, and can mask issues – so if we are not visiting the property, we will discuss issues with the Estate Agent to ensure we have a full understanding of the property and any areas of concern. 

Once we have reviewed the property, we will compile the Consultation Report. This will cover every room and front and back of the property, and will give you a detailed analysis – documenting all the areas of concern – and advising on how best to solve the issues. It will also have a Mood Board for each area. This will include:

• Suggested repairs, with a schedule of works for tradespeople;

• Colour palette for the property, with paint and wallpaper suggestions;

• Items to remove and place in storage;

• Ways to maximise the focal points and selling features of the property, while minimising the drawbacks

• Lighting, window and flooring suggestions;

• All furniture and decor;

• A layout plan for each room.

You will also get an excel file with links to all items, so that you can easily purchase all furniture, should you wish to do the staging yourself.

If you do decide you require full Hands-on Staging after you have received the Home Staging Consultation Report, we will deduct the cost of the Report from the final invoice.

Prices start from as little as £250 for a studio apartment. Please contact us for more details.

Would you like to 10% to the value of your property overnight?

Hands on Homestaging Services

If you require Hands-on Staging, we will visit your property and discuss your requirements. Once our Staging Proposal has been agreed, we can set a date to stage your home!

We can help as much or as little as you would like. If you are living in your property you may just need some decluttering and help stying your current furniture – with us adding some statement furniture and decorative pieces. Or if your property is empty, we can stage it with furniture, decorative pieces, window dressings and artwork in every room.

Every property requires different furniture and styling so there is no set price – a basic range of prices is below. For a Staging Proposal please contact us. We can work from photos and floorplans, but if you would like us to visit your property we charge £50. This is deducted if you go ahead with the staging from the final invoice.

We stage properties for sale or rent with tasteful furniture and décor, to show the potential buyers the space and possible lifestyle the property can offer.

Occupied Properties

£300 – £500 for studio apartment
£350 – £600 for 1 bedroom property
£400 – £700 for 2 bedroom property
£500 – £850 for 3 bedroom property
£650 – £1150 for 4 bedroom property
£150 for half day staging and de-cluttering

Vacant Staging

£1,000 – £2,500 for studio apartment
£2,000 – £4,500 for 1 bedroom property
£2,750 – £5,750 for 2 bedroom property
£3,750 – £7,750 for 3 bedroom property
£4,750 – £9,750 for 4 bedroom property

NEW: Interior Styling and Design Services

Even if you are not planning to move and do not have a property for sale, we can style your home and provide interior design advice to suit your current look or preference. All you need to do is send over some photos and a plan of the room, and any ideas you may have for the style of the rooms.

We will send you a Mood Board detailing all the new furniture choices and layout of the room. This includes wallcoverings, window dressings, lighting and flooring. Alongside this you will receive an excel file with web links to all items on the report so that you can easily purchase the items.

Please fill out the application form below and we will be able to quote. Prices are between £50-£95 per room – depending on assistance required. Please fill out form below so we can discuss the best options for your property. If you would also like our help sourcing and installing the items please let us know.

Internet sourcing and shopping – £50 per hour