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We offer a variety of homestaging services to our clients, not only for sellers, but also for those who want to live in comfort and style, enhance the positive energy in their home – or those who wish to save some money on their household bills or storage costs.

Please see the homestaging services we offer below. We offer online consultations all the way through to full hands-on homestaging services for occupied or vacant properties. We have recently added home styling to our range of services, where we design and style your home, with decor to suit your current look or preference. You will receive a 3D model of the room with new furniture, wallcoverings and flooring and a report with links to all items for you to purchase.

We can help you simplify all your services into one simple bill – saving you money and time! We package all your services – gas, electric, broadband, landline and mobile phone – into one bill with one password – and save you ££££s each year. All the hard work is done for you – and it just requires about 30 minutes or so of your time.

For commercial clients, Designed to Sell have partnered with a commercial utility provider . They ensure you are getting the best energy contract, as well as saving you money on merchant services, water and business rates.

If you are interested about Feng Shui and to see how the energy is flowing around your home, we can visit and create a consultation report and drawings showing you the best possible layout. It will include recommendations using the principles of Feng Shui to achieve balance and enhance the positive energy in your home.

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