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The Umms & Errs (And other words we never scripted for that killer talk). Getting your message across effectively can often be a struggle if you find fear and anxiety get in the way of stepping up to speak.

With so many online and virtual opportunities for people to speak and share their knowledge, it is crucial we show up in our best light, make every word count and be even more engaging by eliminating those annoying and distracting umms and errs. Getting your message across effectively can often be a struggle if you find fear and anxiety get in the way of stepping up to speak. It can result in you filling all the gaps in your talk with an um or an err, leaving no space for you to have your desired impact. Umming and erring can convey a lack of confidence (the opposite of the effect you want to have) and lead members of your audience to maybe lose interest and believe you have done little preparation. (When you have probably given blood sweat and tears to his talk).

The best speakers know how to pause and let their talk breathe, the result is impact and being perceived as the expert in the room. In this talk hear from Aly Harrold, an award-winning speaker and Professional Speaking Coach who was awarded Business Woman Of The Year 2018 (under 5 years) and the Womans Champion Award 2020 from the Kent Women In Business Awards. Aly specialises in helping entrepreneurial women find their voice to deliver their message to a wider audience within the business arena. She has coached several TEDx Speakers and currently runs workshops, programmes and on-line courses for speakers in the South East & London.

The next FSB networking meeting will be held online on 28 May at 9.30-11.00am.

Please register at link below – link to zoom will be sent out night before or early of the day of the event.

Do you want to get your house Sale Ready for when lockdown is over? Get some help to style your home and make it stand out on Rightmove?

Check out our new Virtual Consultation service – we can help you with as little as a 15 minute chat – to a full design and style consultation with a written report and shopping list.

Stay safe!

Virtual Consultation

Are you planning to put your house for sale when lockdown has finished?

Are you in the process of getting it sale ready?

Throughout this sad times, people have been unable to sell their homes and when the lockdown is over and things start to get back to some kind of normality there will be lots of people putting their homes on the market to sell.

Why not get an advantage and make sure your home has that WOW factor – to get it noticed on Rightmove?
Designed to Sell are offering virtual consultations to help you style your home and give it that advantage.

We can do as little as a short virtual tour with a little spot on advice, to a full 2-hour consultation with written report to follow and a shopping list. For one room only or the entire house.

Prices dependent on work included.

Email for more information.

Furniture Pack

Staging your Skype and Zoom Backgrounds – while working at home

Are you spending a lot of time doing skype and zoom calls now you are working from home? What does your background look like?

If you want to create a good impression its important to have an organised and aesthetically pleasing background – you want to ensure that your clients are looking at you and not the mess behind you!

Drop us a message or email if you want some staging tips for your background with a picture of how it looks now. Or have you thought about creating backdrop for zoom which highlights your company. We can help with this too.

Stay safe 🙂

Interior Design Full Staging Packages

Designed to Sell are pleased to offer our Interior Design Full Staging Packages. These offer furniture as well as artwork, mirrors and decorative items – everything to get your property staged and ready to view or rent out.

Each can be tailored to suit your design preferences, property and budget.

The Bella range offers style and luxury, at a great price

All furniture packs can be delivered throughout the UK, but do not include installation.

Bella Lounge Furniture Pack
Bella Dining Room Furniture

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