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Stay or Sell: Making a Decision on Your Property

stay or sell

Article written by Jim Vogel

As the housing market continues to surge, you may be looking at your property and considering whether to stay or sell. Either of these decisions comes with a host of merits and setbacks. You will want to review all of them to ensure your next move is the right one.


The term ‘home improvement’ can refer to a couple of new flowerpots or a complete household restructure. However major your intended changes, as long as they improve the property, they should also improve its selling price. There are many conversions that are almost guaranteed to add value. A cellar-turned-living space can add 30% to the price, for example.

If you are making upgrades to improve value, it is worth speaking to a Designed to Sell consultant. Experts will usually have insider knowledge of contracts, construction costs, and market trends. Their advice can help you make and execute a smart decision.

Walls often escape our consideration when home renovating, but they can be the key to unlocking or dividing property. If you’re struggling for space, knocking one wall down can create new, breathable open-plan areas. Just remember when doing this to take cautious measures. Seek advice, and work methodically so as not to damage yourself or any other structures.

Alternatively, dividing up a house with walls may offer new potential for renting. Especially in two-tier houses, you can split a property into units to be used by tenants. Again, this is a big commitment and can cost upwards of £25,000 for even a simple living conversion.

When deciding whether to improve your home, the most important question should be ‘do I want to continue living here?’ Home improvements, however drastic, can’t change the area you’re living in, and may further entrench you in it.


Contrary to common belief, selling a house these days can be relatively stress-free. In terms of preparation, sometimes a declutter and deep clean will be all you need. When dressed properly, a house can fetch 10% above its previous sale price. To discuss the viability of selling and the costs of getting everything ready, again, you’ll want to consult with an expert. These reviews can now be done virtually, so you won’t need to worry about pandemic restrictions. Just an hour’s conversation will give you an idea as to how much work is required before you’re ready to list.

As well as the work required to sell, you’ll probably be thinking about profitability. How much you can make from selling will depend on the state of the market, your local area, and the specifications of the property itself. All of these variables are subject to change. Keeping a finger on the pulse of investment trends, changes to stamp duty, and supply and demand is key to ensuring you sell at the best price possible.

Remember, the housing market is aligned with society at large — that means it responds to stimuli like the wider economy or the pandemic. Garden properties, for example, are in hot demand since the start of COVID.

If you’re unsure of the financial feasibility of a move, our advice is to use a mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payments and check whether a new loan is viable. Oftentimes, with some financial gymnastics, you’ll find there were more options than you originally thought.

Whether you decide to sell or stay, you’ll want to bring your property to its best potential, but getting it there is hard on your own. For the best outcome, it’s crucial that you seek advice from experts and use the services that are available to you.

Designed to Sell is a home staging company, operating in the Essex area. Speak with us today and see how we can improve the interior of your home.

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Government agree with lenders to end EWS1 form requirement for below 18 metres


So glad some common sense has prevailed and now people in flats under 18m will be able to sell their properties. I know this regulation has trapped millions in their homes – devaluing them dramatically – causing stress and worry for owners who were potentially looking at paying for thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary work.

Lets hope the mortgage companies will all now start lending again to those in flats under 18m, and get the market moving.

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Bespoke Furniture Packs for Landlords

Essence Furniture Pack - Edmonton Coffee Table and Matthew Sofa

Bespoke Furniture Packs for Landlords – are you looking to furnish your HMO or Serviced Accommodation? Do you require help deciding on which furniture to place into your property?

Bespoke Furniture Packs for Landlords: Designed to Sell offer a range of HMO and Serviced Accommodation Furniture Packs – bespoke packages which can be tailored to match your specific requirements. We have furniture to suit every budget, with no minimum spend. They can be delivered and installed into your property throughout the UK*. Contact us for a discussion and some Interior Styling advice. We are very happy to talk through any of your specific requirements.  

*range dependent

  • Furniture Pack
  • Furniture Packs
  • Harper Bespoke Furniture Packs
  • Toledo Furniture Range
  • Elemental
  • Grayson
  • Furniture Pack
  • Furniture Pack

Contact us for more details.

Email or call

Jackie: 07726 270 850

Louise: 07800 586 353

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Training: Homestaging as a Marketing Tool for Estate Agents

HSA Training

Designed to Sell are happy to promote the Home Staging Association’s Training for Estate Agents, Developers, Homestagers and Interior Stylists

Training: We want everyone to benefit from the powerful marketing tool that Homestaging offers – to sell better and faster, and bring significant results to their businesses. So we are happy to align with the Home Staging Association (HSA) and introduce their training.

Visit our training page for more details of all the courses and how to book, and don’t forget you get 10% off all HSA courses with code LOVELEARNING.

10% discount


Yes, you read it right! 10% off all HSA courses with code LOVELEARNING

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Home Staging Association: Home Staging vs. Interior Design

Interior Design

The Home Staging Association is the professional body of Home Stagers within the UK and Ireland, and they have recently written a fabulous short article on Home Staging vs. Interior Design, as we find many customers are confused with the difference.

If you are thinking of marketing your property for sale please take a look at this short read, to really understand how Home Staging can help you sell, and the difference between employing a Home Stager and an Interior Designer.

HSA Member
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100 Top Tips to Stage your Home and See it Sell!

Stage your home

Are you looking to sell your home in the coming months?

You need 100 Top Tips to Stage your Home and See it Sell!

The UK is currently experiencing a surge in house prices as demand meets a record shortage of homes for sale. Supposedly a frenzy of activity has driven UK property prices to a record high in April 2021, at the exact time that the government has launched a mortgage guarantee scheme to help people with small deposits on to the housing ladder.

Rightmove’s monthly survey of properties has found that the stock available to buy has fallen to the lowest proportion recorded, with buyers snapping up properties quicker than ever before. The average number of days to sell a property has also dropped to its lowest-ever level, at just 45 days, reflecting the scramble to secure a deal.

So why do you need to stage your home in this current market?

Even though there are plenty of potential buyers out there, it is crucial that you appeal to the widest audience – so that you can achieve the best price for your property in the quickest time frame. This is how Home Staging can help you. Home staging is the process of improving the appeal of your home – making it look bigger and brighter and more inviting – in order to increase its sale price; but without a huge financial outlay. It can decrease the time your home remains on the market, while helping you achieve the best price.

When you declutter and stage a property, potential buyers can easily visualise themselves living in the space, with the lifestyle your property offers. Most property searches now start online – and the property will appear more attractive on Rightmove and Zoopla, so get more immediate interest. It makes potential buyers feel more confident in the property, that it is in good condition and move in ready – and shows the full space the property offers.

Designed to Sell can help you stage your property and get it sale ready, but if you want to know our 100 Top Tips we have created this handy guide – to help you get sale ready on your own!

Homestaging book - 100 Top Tips to stage your home and see it sell!

Feel free to contact us if you want more advice or to discuss your property sale.