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Interior Design and Styling Services

Would you like to change your house interior, but don’t know where to start? We offer Interior Design, Styling and Shopping Services and can help you style your home.

Interior Design and Styling Services

We offer Interior Design and Styling Services, both locally and virtually. We can help you with design and styling ideas for your home, using your existing furniture and decorative items. By exploring new design ideas, and adding some key pieces, we can help you create home interiors that are stylish, distinctive and reflect your personal style and taste.

Shopping Services

We can also offer an internet shopping service, where we can suggest and purchase furniture, decorative items etc on your behalf – either directly from our suppliers or online retailers. This way you get our design expertise and style advice, and the products directly delivered to their door.

Please see below some examples of a recent project – where we helped the client with style ideas for their lounge and bedroom. These had to incorporate some of the furniture items they wished to keep in the home (the dark furniture in the lounge and the grey bed in the bedroom) while exploring new ideas for the rest of the decor.

Lounge – Option 1
Lounge – Option 1
Lounge – Option 2
Lounge – Option 2
Bedroom – Option 1
Bedroom – Option 1
Bedroom – Option 2
Bedroom – Option 2

Please call either Jackie or Louise on the numbers below to discuss your requirements. We offer a free 15 minute consultation.

Jackie: 07726 270 850
Louise: 07800 586 353

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Are you worried about rising prices, and looking for ways to save your money?

Are you worried about rising prices, and looking for ways to save your money?

With skyrocketing energy and food prices, more people than ever are worried about paying their energy bills.

We can help save your money!

I work with a company that can help you save your money on your Utility bills. They have had to increase their prices – like everyone else – but guarantee to always beat the price cap set by the Government giving you peace of mind.

This discount depends on the number of services taken, but if you take 2 or 3 services you will receive a 5% discount. At the new price cap level of £1,971 that’s a guaranteed £98.55 saving each year.

They are currently offering the cheapest energy in the market and they promise to keep prices lower than the price cap for as long as you remain a customer.

Give me a call to and we can compare utility bills.

If you switch all your home services you will get:

• A money-saving cashback card with £50 credit to spend on anything you want in your first six months

• £200 to help you get out of any existing contracts

• 100% renewable electricity and a tree planted in the UW Woodland

UW is a British business that’s earned over 70 awards – and counting – in the last decade alone. Their independent endorsements have included accolades from Which?, Uswitch, Moneywise, Defaqto and Moneyfacts to name a few.

For more details, or to see how much you could save call Jackie on 07726 270 850email or fill out the contact form. Or you can visit the website for more details.

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10 Top Tips To Sell Your Property Fast And For The Best Price!

When you are putting your home on the market, it is important to show the property off to its best potential. This will give you an edge on the marketplace, and enables potential buyers to be able to visualise living in the space, and appreciate the lifestyle it offers.

I’m so pleased to be able to share our 10 Top Tips, as recently published by our partners EasyStorage. Please find the full blog post here.

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Complimentary Design Consultation

Sell your property quickly, without the stress!

Complimentary Design Consultation: Designed to Sell help home owners and landlords appeal to the widest range of potential buyers, in order to generate the best possible price in the shortest time frame, by staging and styling their properties.

To understand better the value we offer and how it can improve the final price you get for your property, we are happy to offer a Complimentary Design Consultation. This can be done in person, or with some photos and a quick zoom call.

So if you are looking to sell or rent your property, or need ideas on how to update and furnish your home, HMO, Serviced Accommodation or rental property, call us now.

Jackie: 07726 270 850

Louise: 07800 586 353

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Pandemic Life: Tips to Make Your Living Space Healthier

Living space

As the world enters its third winter with COVID-19, it’s time to make a few more changes to your London home. No matter the size, a couple of strategic improvements can make your living space healthier and keep you and your family happier during downtimes at the homestead.

A Fresh Coat of Paint to Brighten Things Up

If you haven’t already, paint your walls with colours that make you happy. A few home decorating experts agree white is the way to go, as it’s a clean colour that reflects light. Additionally, it clears visual clutter and can help you feel more relaxed, something that’s vital during the pandemic.

But don’t be afraid to go bold and add pops of colour. For example, reds, yellows, or oranges can add a festive touch. You may consider complementary colours such as blue and yellow to create high contrast, which will help your rooms feel bigger.

Replace Your Living Room Furniture

If you’re feeling a little cramped in your living room, it might be time to replace the old furniture with something new. Do you have a large family? Consider a sectional couch that can keep everyone comfortable on movie night. 

If you prefer something quieter, such as spending a chilly Friday night curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace, go for accent chairs instead. 

Prepare an Outdoor Escape for the Spring

Start planning a garden or other outside area where you can enjoy nature and relax in London’s summer sun. You might want to hire a landscaper to help you make the outdoor space even better. 

Customize your outside space to fit your lifestyle. Do you enjoy entertaining? If so, consider an outdoor kitchen with a grill and seating area, so you don’t have to leave your guests while preparing food. It can be complex planning this on your own, so choosing landscape design services that use 3D rendering software might make it easier to visualize the space and make a final decision.

Create the Perfect Indoor Reading Nook

You’re going to need some downtime. Fortunately, there are many ways to spend time inside your home. The key is thinking outside the box and not just watching movies or playing video games all day long. Instead, create a cosy reading nook where you can curl up with a new book.

Place comfortable chairs in the corner of your living room, preferably near windows, so you can read and also enjoy your view. Use decorative pillows to create a sense of cosiness, and add some throws if it gets chilly at night or on one of London’s notorious rainy days. 

Add a Fitness Area to Your Home

Lastly, don’t forget to add a place in the house where everyone can exercise. Some exercise equipment, such as elliptical machines and treadmills, can keep your family healthy during downtime, and they’re also stylish additions that fit into any home.

Make Your Home Cosier This Winter

You can improve your living space with changes from simple DIY options, such as painting your walls and replacing furniture, to adding a fitness area. For help, contact Designed to Sell Homestaging to create a happy home for you and your family.

Article kindly written by Sharon Wagner of

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Everybody saves money

Everybody saves

With Everybody Saves, Utility Warehouse guarantee customers will pay less with UW than with their current suppliers. 

How does it work?

Everybody Saves’ means that Utility Warehouse guarantee that everybody who signs up will save time and money on their home services. Any customer who switches their energy, broadband and mobile to UW will pay less in their first year with us, than what they would have paid with their current suppliers.

If a customer doesn’t save just by switching, then you simply send in your previous suppliers’ bills and any price increase notifications. Utility Warehouse will then review and apply credits to your bills to ensure you save in your first year. The minimum saving will be £50.

How are the savings calculated?

The savings calculation is based on a comparison between what you are projected to pay over the next twelve months if you stay with your existing suppliers, and the estimated annual price quoted by UW. If UW estimated annual price isn’t already £50 cheaper, they will then credit you the difference.

The estimated savings and associated credit are based on:

  • Energy: A comparison between what you are projected to need to pay to your existing supplier over the next twelve months (based on annual price projection, including any price notifications) and the estimated annual price quoted by UW.
  • Broadband: A comparison between the monthly tariff from your existing supplier and the annual price quoted by UW. This does not include calls or features.
  • Mobile: A comparison between the monthly tariff from your existing supplier and the annual price quoted by UW. This does not include handsets or out of bundle usage.

To claim, new customers need to send copies of their previous bills to UW (via, which we’ll review and validate, before confirming the savings amount with you via email.

How are the savings applied?

Savings are applied automatically to a customer’s bill as a monthly credit, spread evenly over their first year with UW.

What happens after the first year?

After 12 months, customers will move onto UW Double Gold pricing and enjoy the benefits that they offer to those who have all their services with UW, such as the cashback card, one single monthly bill, and a dedicated, UK-based customer support team. If a customer decides to switch any of their services away from UW after 12 months, they’ll move onto our standard or Gold pricing, depending on the services they keep.

Everybody saves
Everybody saves

For more details, or to see how much you could save call Jackie on 07726 270 850email or fill out the contact form. Or you can visit the website for more details.

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