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Everybody saves money

Everybody saves

With Everybody Saves, Utility Warehouse guarantee customers will pay less with UW than with their current suppliers. 

How does it work?

Everybody Saves’ means that Utility Warehouse guarantee that everybody who signs up will save time and money on their home services. Any customer who switches their energy, broadband and mobile to UW will pay less in their first year with us, than what they would have paid with their current suppliers.

If a customer doesn’t save just by switching, then you simply send in your previous suppliers’ bills and any price increase notifications. Utility Warehouse will then review and apply credits to your bills to ensure you save in your first year. The minimum saving will be £50.

How are the savings calculated?

The savings calculation is based on a comparison between what you are projected to pay over the next twelve months if you stay with your existing suppliers, and the estimated annual price quoted by UW. If UW estimated annual price isn’t already £50 cheaper, they will then credit you the difference.

The estimated savings and associated credit are based on:

  • Energy: A comparison between what you are projected to need to pay to your existing supplier over the next twelve months (based on annual price projection, including any price notifications) and the estimated annual price quoted by UW.
  • Broadband: A comparison between the monthly tariff from your existing supplier and the annual price quoted by UW. This does not include calls or features.
  • Mobile: A comparison between the monthly tariff from your existing supplier and the annual price quoted by UW. This does not include handsets or out of bundle usage.

To claim, new customers need to send copies of their previous bills to UW (via, which we’ll review and validate, before confirming the savings amount with you via email.

How are the savings applied?

Savings are applied automatically to a customer’s bill as a monthly credit, spread evenly over their first year with UW.

What happens after the first year?

After 12 months, customers will move onto UW Double Gold pricing and enjoy the benefits that they offer to those who have all their services with UW, such as the cashback card, one single monthly bill, and a dedicated, UK-based customer support team. If a customer decides to switch any of their services away from UW after 12 months, they’ll move onto our standard or Gold pricing, depending on the services they keep.

Everybody saves
Everybody saves

For more details, or to see how much you could save call Jackie on 07726 270 850email or fill out the contact form. Or you can visit the website for more details.

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Saving money on commercial utility bills

Designed to Sell have partnered with a commercial utility provider – so that we can ensure you are getting the best energy contract – for many different commercial sectors. They have been operating for 16 years, and is one of the UK’s leading independent consultants. They are committed to helping UK businesses of all sizes get the best value contracts on their gas and electricity costs – plus can offer many more savings.

As many as 1 in 5 UK businesses pay too much for their gas, electricity and water.

Our partner has helped thousands of UK business and organisations save money on their commercial utility bills, telecoms and business rates. They currently help over 12,000 UK businesses and work closely with over 20 different suppliers. They offer 100% impartial advice.

A new service to be recently introduced is Merchant Services & Card Payment Solutions – so if your business uses a credit card terminal, or you take credit card payments online we can ensure you are getting the best service for the least % price. All you need to provide is a monthly bill and we can get you a quote.

Whether you are the owner of a small store, a family run B&B, a large tourist attraction or manufacturing firm, our partners experts have the experience to help. They search the market for the best prices and negotiate the most cost effective contract for you.

Services we can help you with are:

Gas & Electricity
Telecoms (Home / Business / Mobile)
Water contracts (Scotland & England) & Water Contracts
Business Insurance
Home Insurance
Business Rates
Merchant Services
Cost Reduction and Generation

You will get your own personal account manager – who will look after your needs on an on-going basis.

To learn more check out our savings page.

Email or contact us on the form below for more details.