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Are you worried about the energy crisis?

Energy crisis

With furlough ending, skyrocketing energy prices and more companies going under every week, more people than ever are worried about paying their energy bills.

However, Utility Warehouse can help

They are well-positioned to weather this storm and this means that as a UW customer, your service will continue. They can state this with real confidence for three key reasons: 

  • Firstly, the structure of Utility Warehouse’s wholesale energy agreement means that the cost of the energy they buy is protected against pricing volatility, both today and in the future.
  • Secondly, UW are more than just an energy provider. They have a unique multiservice offer that also spans broadband, mobile and insurance. This generates a number of different revenue streams and means they are not solely reliant on energy.
  • And finally, UW has always taken a long-term approach to pricing while still offering competitive tariffs to all customers. They have spent the last 25 years building a stable and sustainable business, and plan to be around for many years to come.
Andrew Lindsay, Utility Warehouse Open Letter

For more details, or to see how much you could save call Jackie on 07726 270 850email or fill out the contact form. Or you can visit the website for more details.

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